Evolving need for Aluminum Windows & Doors in Modern Architecture

Evolving need for Aluminum Windows and Doors in Modern Architecture

“Aluminium Doors can be a perfect expression of your sense of Fashion, Style & Individuality in your House”

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Fenestrations in simple words mean arrangement of windows and doors to suit both outward appearance and interiors of a building in order to provide stability and increase sustainability. Fenestration has been a predominant industry that has evolved and progressed in India during the past two decades. The Indian fenestration industry is drifting towards a new era, along with a changing, more experimental generation of end-users looking for revolutionary, unconventional sustainable materials, new colors and designs, and energy-efficient elements in their homes and offices. Doors and windows should now complement the aesthetics of their structures, house with a view is now a priority, and peace has become an important parameter for this generation due to both pandemic and pollution. Thus, the role of aluminium windows and doors in modern architecture is significant.

India has extreme weather conditions in few tropical regions but mostly it stays tropically warm throughout the year; therefore, Aluminum, amongst other materials, has been preferred as a significant contributing material to the fenestration industry over the past years because of its non-corrosive, non-reactive, durable and recyclable nature.

The fenestration industry in India isn’t the most organized but it is currently getting a makeover and on the verge of getting more organized than ever. However product offerings are more systematic, but the installation process still lacks proper structure and requires thorough pre and post sales training ,hand-hold guidance that needs to be carried out. Customization of product is required in 70 – 75% of the cases since there is no standardized planning of new construction forcing customized solution requirement in most instances. There is a dire need of both state & central regulations for standardizing construction vis-à-vis building materials for industries that manufacture doors and windows in India. Once standardization and regulations are set for manufacturing & fabrication establishments; high quality of product can be produced with lesser lead time and more efficiency.

Drivers of fenestration industry

The demand for residential and commercial construction has witnessed significant growth in India since 2013 due to the sluggish growth rates in the years 2008 to 2012. This growth can be attributed to the increasing central & state government budgets for infrastructure development projects, public funding, and a decline in the construction material prices. These factors could propel the overall Indian aluminium doors & windows market.

Increase in consumer spending on both construction and renovation of commercial & residential buildings will drive Indian doors to growth in the market. Booming demand for energy efficient and impact resistant housing infrastructure will lead this industry towards more innovative product materials. As per IBEF, Indian real estate industry is expected to reach USD 180 billion by 2020. Housing sector alone accounts for 5-6% of the Indian GDP. Private equity investment in real estate reached over USD 6 billion in 2016. Government initiatives across the country for smart cities’ development will help Indian doors penetrate the market.

The data depicts share of newly launched residential projects across metro cities in the studied quarter.
newly launched residential projects across metro cities
Image Credits: 99 Acres

Shifting demographic and economic trends coupled with growing population will result in an enormous need for new infrastructure in the coming decade. Increasing government policies and spending for infrastructure development, such as sewage & waste disposable, education, streets &highways, transportation, water supply, housing and commercial buildings, will help in the overall Indian aluminium doors & windows market growth.

Cost optimized high performance windows will be a necessity considering the expected change in customer mindset. While better visibility, slimmer profiles will be in trend (“Less is more”, “slimmer the better”). With noise, dust pollution and extreme heat in the summers, Aluminium System Windows & Doors will have the most pivotal role to play in designing building facades.

Slide and fold aluminum doors by torfenster

The usage of Aluminum will witness a substantial growth over the forecast timeline owing to its features like light weight, ductility, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Its wide usage for manufacturing French and sliding doors will propel its demand. Indian doors market players are focusing on providing a thermally improved aluminum frame to reduce overheating or overcooling as per the requirement. Torfenster Doors and windows are exactly meeting the demand of the customer, understanding their need in detail, offering futuristic product design also assuring them a complete peace of mind, inclusive of a longest warranty period.

The trend of renovation in the hospitality industry pertaining to themed restaurants and hotels will open new avenues for the Indian doors market growth. Collaborations with architects undertaking new projects and customizing products as per demand are the key strategies followed by the manufacturers and distributors of the product. This is where Torfenster Systems India Pvt. Ltd is preferred by customers because we understand and provide world class “end to end” doors & windows solutions.

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