Life simplified with Torfenster doors & windows

Phoenix One Bangalore West – Luxury Apartments

Life simplified with Torfenster doors & windows

The architecture of the Phoenix One project is inspired by the natural surroundings and the latest trends in residential design. There are many benefits to Phoenix One Apartments – the most desirable being the use of high-quality windows and doors by Torfenster.

Torfenster Systems India Private Limited (TSIL) is amongst the best manufacturers in India providing an extensive range of exquisite home window designs, customized to blend in perfectly with the interiors. Wide variety of systems ranging from sliding systems, casement/openable home windows, bay windows, tilt and turn windows, villa windows, and other combinations of fixed windows are offered to enhance the look and feel of the house.

The Doors & windows at Phoenix One Bangalore West have been carefully crafted to combine luxury & comfort in a perfect balance ensuring zero wastage of space. Torfenster Windows & Doors can be installed in cafes, restaurants, residences, Office spaces and clubhouses adding value to both your living space and to complement the overall design.

All doors and windows are designed as structural elements. Our products can be opened with handles, a handle and a lock or even motorized for complete protection of your space. These admirable accessories will make you the centre of attraction in any occasion.

We help create a fabulous haven, pampered with our fine quality windows, doors, and accessories. Perfect installation is our forte and our 100% customized Torfenster uPVC doors & windows add flairs to your homes.

We took up on this project to allow residents to visualize vast green spaces, manicured lawns & exquisite landscaping at the Phoenix One Bangalore. All the Balcony Doors, Room windows provide maximum visibility and ventilation to keep the residents connected with nature. Thus, Torfenster Bedroom Windows and Balcony doors ensure people get a fine view of all the beautiful landscapes around the property.

Torfenster high-performance house windows add to the architectural dimensions of these homes. However, Torfenster uPVC windows are designed to keep out street noise, dust & pollution, rain & gale force winds.
At the same time, they are energy efficient; require less maintenance and are durable too. Further a Mosquito mesh can be attached to windows and doors to ensure better ventilation in the house while keeping the insects away.

The various designs by Torfenster help improve the facade of your residence. Moving beyond the aesthetic appeal, uPVC windows (colored, timber-look, or other designs) offer huge benefits. uPVC windows are known to be the hottest choice in the market due to the energy efficiency & protection offered during extreme weather conditions.

The cost of an uPVC window is slightly higher in comparison to other conventional frames, but the cost of an uPVC window is more than justified as they are highly durable, require less maintenance, and they are even tested for ultraviolet resistance to ensure no fading.

Benefits of using Torfenster Windows and doors in the house:

    • Help increase the aesthetic value of the house
    • Allows more sunlight to enter the house for better health
    • Provide maximum visibility & ventilation
    • Maintenance free – 15 years of warranty
    • Durable- long lasting – Rust/ termite free
    • Wide range on designs & color options available

Torfenster has significant expertise in manufacturing  uPVC doors and windows that help bring architects and homeowners’ dreams into reality.

We help upgrade the outlook of your home with top-quality windows and doors. They can be customized to fit your requirements. Torfenster offers premium best quality slim aluminium windows and doors with a wide collection of variants in different configurations as required by the architects and builders.

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