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Aluminium windows & Doors

Aesthetic, Robust, and Light weight nature of Aluminium makes it the material of choice for architects & builders.

Why Choose Aluminium?

Aluminium windows and doors are increasingly becoming the material of choice for most construction and architectural purposes due to its robustness, light weight and security as opposed to wooden alternatives. The durability of aluminium and the ability to resist material dust, scratches and stains for a very long period makes it ideal for use in both outdoor and indoor environments.

The best part about choosing slim aluminium doors and windows is the availability of numerous texture, colours and coatings to match the aesthetics of the building without compromising on strength and quality. Torfenster offers a wide range of coatings which lasts as long as the aluminium itself. These coatings offer a resistance towards dust and rust giving 10x longer life than other alternatives.

Aluminium Series

Find India's most functional aluminium windows and doors here. Torfenster provides Noice, Dust and Weather proof solutions.


Openable Aluminium Series

Torfenster openable series a.k.a casement series includes aluminium windows and doors which are both outside opening and inside opening. A great choice for both traditional and contemporary style home.

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Sliding Aluminium Series

Maximize your views and ventilation with Torfenster Sliding System. Designed to carry large panels and variety of styles and configurations for maximum visual impact.

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Slide & Fold Aluminium Series

Uncommon, versatile and flexible solution for an elegant look can be achieved through Torfenster Slide & Fold Door system.

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