Elegance Redefined

Ultra Slim Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aesthetic, Robust, and Light weight nature of Aluminium makes it the material of choice for architects & builders.

Why Choose Slim Aluminium Series?

Torfenster ultra slim aluminium windows and doors combines Aesthetics, Innovative Technology, Privacy & Security, Structural Integrity, with feather touch usability features. Our customized fenestration solution will let you reimagine your living space.

  • Minimal Sight Line (18mm to 21mm) maximizing visibility.
  • Large height (5.8 meters) enables floor to ceiling coverage. Single panel width up to 8 feet
  • Hidden frame flushed to match wall and floor making tread path seamless.
  • Structural sturdiness (weight carrying capacity of 1.5 tons/panel) can carry a glass thickness up to 54 mm.
  • Remote operated motorized movement.
  • Mobile Application driven, electromagnetic or biometric security features.

Aluminium Series

This including consulting multi disciplinary consulting work with design and engineering, our world branches giving full support for executing professional work.


Slim Series 1

Torfenster openable series a.k.a casement series includes aluminium windows and doors which are both outside opening and inside opening. A great choice for both traditional and contemporary style home.

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Slim Series 2

Maximize your views and ventilation with Torfenster Sliding System. Designed to carry large panels and variety of styles and configurations for maximum visual impact.

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Slim Series 3

Uncommon, versatile and flexible solution for an elegant look can be achieved through Torfenster Slide & Fold Door system.

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