Wonderful tips to avoid heat loss from your home

Trying to beat the heat this summer?

It might not seem significant but heat loss is a major issue for homeowners especially since it augments electricity bills and makes your home less attractive. Insulating your home and minimizing heat loss thus assumes priority and the best way to do so is by choosing the right doors and windows.

Here are some amazing tips to avoid heat loss in your home:

  1. Install Thick, Dark Curtains: Usually, the solution lies in the most obvious things. Curtains form an integral part of indoor aesthetics and they are multi-functional given the fact that they are wonderful heat and sound absorbents. Thick and dark curtains are the most effective and absorb huge amounts of heat. Blinds offer tremendous versatility and boost insulation in your home.

  2. Appropriate Glass Type: Choosing the right glass type for your windows is crucial. It dictates the level of security you will have, the amount of heat you can preserve and in general your maintenance costs. Double glazed timber or aluminium windows are the sought after option since they minimize heat loss massively. Aluminium is known for its thermal insulation properties and lowering your electric bills.

  3. Draught-proofing: Draught-proofing is one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your energy bills low. Draughts happen where there are unwanted gaps in the construction of your home, and where openings are left uncovered. To draught-proof, your home, block unwanted gaps that let cold air in and warm air out.

  4. Cover Air Conditioners in Winters: Air conditioners are much appreciated during hot summers, keeping our indoor living space cool and pleasant while it’s scorching outside. While an air conditioner is supposed to cool the house in summer, it will actually inadvertently cool the house in winter too by allowing cold air inside. The simple solution is to remove it or cover it. While removing ACs is easier said than done, they can be covered to seal the leaks. The cover is to be placed outside the Air conditioner and held in place by straps.

Keeping your home well insulated is not a choice but rather a necessity. It comes with a variety of benefits including enhancing the appeal of your home, lowering energy bills and increasing comfort in your interior.

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