Incorporated in 2007, Torfenster Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd offers world-class premium aluminium and UpVC Windows Supplier in India. Our success in what we do are often attributed to a mixture of customer satisfaction, unparalleled quality of our products and our attitude of always striving for the simplest . Starting call at 2007 with the assembly capacity of fifty windows per day, we’ve come an extended way, witnessing 100% rate of growth per annum . At Torfenster, we believe that perfection lies in details which is that the reason we follow international standards to always maintain quality parameters.

We are Headquartered at Bengaluru with branch offices at Ahmadabad, Rajkot and Surat .The production facility in Bengaluru is spread across quite 1 lakh sq. feet area and boasts of a producing capacity of 400 windows and doors of Aluminum and Upvc under one roof.

We have a robust presence across the country having around 20 main studio centres dotting the country, with complete product display facility and repair teams. we’ve an in depth and experienced dealer network, which allows to succeed in our customers in every nook and corner of the country and meet their requirements with ease. Our operations are cover 20 cities as of now and that we still expand our base to satisfy the growing needs of the industry generally and our customers especially .


With quite a decade in providing end-to-end solutions, Torfenster partners with builders, architects and planners through the whole customization cycle. We make sure that our customers are spoilt for choice in picking from the big selection of products and solutions we offer , which are truly world-class. We believe adding slightly of our expertise to your dream property.

We abide by the ecu quality guidelines to deliver solutions which are unmatched, meticulously constructed and multi-functional which inserts flawlessly into each customer’s expectations.



Our standards are at par with European parameters, maintained by our Indian specialists to make sure that our products are carefully crafted to suit seamlessly into your requirements. By meeting our customer’s highest expectations for quality, performance, fitting and sturdiness , we’ve delivered to a T whenever .

Our profiles are utilized in diverse climate extending from Dubai to Siberia and thereby prove their sustainable quality even within the adverse conditions of -70ºC and +60ºC temperature ranges. As a matter of fact, the UV resistance of our profiles are extremely high; hence it’s not surprising why Torfenster continues to be the well-liked , accepted and appreciated the selection .


At Torfenster, we shall make a difference at every point and add value to our customer. Hence we lookout of our customers’ requirements from the beginning to end , no compromise whatsoever.

Premium Upvc & Aluminium Windows
Adherence to stringent international quality standards
Tailored to suit any quite home needs
Partnered with 100+ land companies across India
Environment-friendly & Energy Efficient


“To become a number one Fenestration Solutions Company by consistently providing best in school products, services and solutions of international standards to the Indian consumer”.


To become the foremost preferred company for supplying world-class doors, windows and facades to our customers.
We will do that by maintaining the very best level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationship with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers. While we currently service our customers through our premium aluminium and UpVC Windows Supplier. Upvc and Aluminium range of products, we’ll continuously look for emerging materials and technologies.