Window Styles for Office

Popular styles for an office setting

Windows don’t just offer a view of the outside world but with that help balance our daily lifestyle through bountiful doses of sunlight, air and the damp smell of soil. However, beyond these common functions, windows can vary in many ways. Windows may have different designs and functionalities to fit in with the architectural design or decorative style. Choosing a particular window style depends upon one’s desire, the functionality and how the style incorporates into an office environment.

Here are the most chosen and popular styles for an office setting:

  1. Casement Windows: Casement windows open on the outside and pivot from the side hinges. There’s something about casement windows that shouts attractiveness and handiness-  the thud sound when they are opened or just the welcoming nature. Casements have large glass panes that provide ample light, uninterrupted by framings. They also typically offer more open ventilation areas than other window types and also show a marked improvement in energy efficiency when closed.
  2. Picture Windows: Picture Windows are akin to the Garden Windows in your kitchen in one aspect- they are fixed, they do not open. Hence, they are suitable for areas where a lack of airflow is inconsequential. They are nothing but large glass expanses occupying the centre of the wall to provide panoramic, distant views and ample sunlight. As these windows do not open, they are less prone to air leakage than the non-fixed ones. Those large glass panes may offer cinematic views of the countryside but they ose that much energy as well; not boding well for efficient energy-saving and being heavy on the pockets.
  3. Bay Windows: These are pretty amazing and suit offices that are located in the countryside- far from the busy city. Bay Windows are multiple windows of different dimensions connected to each other through the architecture. The middle portion is usually a casement or a lively picture window. Bay Windows are perfect for unwinding and relaxing with a book or a cup of coffee. They add so much depth to the architecture by forming angles and projections on the building structure. Bay windows allow light to enter at different angles thus illuminating the entire area and not spoiling your layout. The side windows are not fixed and can be opened for airflow.


Apart from these, sliding windows are increasingly common and we’ve dedicated an entire blog to them. Read Here
Windows in an office serve the purpose of rejuvenating the workforce and must also be easy to operate so as to assist during times of emergency. A good amount of sunlight and air coming in, easy to operate and of tough material. These are a few qualities that an office window must possess.

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