Window Styles for Kitchen

Popular styles for an exotic kitchen

Once in a while go to your kitchen and notice how stifling it is. You would probably start wondering how your mother cooks in such an environment. Well, fear not, the kitchen windows are her most prized possession.

Windows in a kitchen are paramount for a complete home design, safety and air circulation. Before, jumping into different styles of kitchen windows certain points need to be kept in mind:

  • There should be an ample amount of sunlight in your kitchen. So, go for large and reflecting windows.
  • Kitchen Windows should match the walls inside and be a cohesive unit of the external structure.
  • They should be easy to open

Here are the five best windows styles for your cookery:

  1. Sliding Windows: We have gushed over sliding doors and windows in a previous blog. But it won’t hurt to reiterate the fact that sliding windows are actually made for kitchens. It’s like a match made in heaven. They are the perfect style for windows above the sink, easy to open, built for customized air circulation and appealing to look at. It is the complete package.

  2. Garden Windows: This is a fairly new choice. Garden Windows are covered from all sides, even on the top and have a ledge space that other styles don’t. It is perfect for growing plants and offers sufficient amount of sunlight. The only reservation one may have is that it is fixed and cannot be opened.

  3. Double Hung Windows: What do you get when sliding windows are turned in the clockwise direction? Double Hung Windows. They are the most popular window style across all areas in homes. They are great for air circulation since you can open them as little as you want- a few inches or all the way up. Moreover, double-hung windows add a unique touch to the kitchen and are quite safe.

  4. Casement Windows: Old is gold. Casement Windows open on the outside and offer a beautiful view of the surroundings. The handles are located either in the middle or lower part. They are perfect for windows above the sink. You can control the airflow easily through casement windows.

  5. Sliding Patio Doors: These are nothing but ceiling to ceiling large sliding windows that look absolutely gorgeous and offer an entry into your garden or porch. Such large windows maximize the amount of sunlight that enters and as previously mentioned- are easy to operate.


Windows are just very special and that’s why much thought should be put into their style. Kitchen Windows come with their own required traits and various designs fulfill that.

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