10 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

So many options, does this make you anxious?

Windows were fascinating and still are before Microsoft turned them into a software- a metaphor to let knowledge in like windows let in warm sunshine and brighten your abode.
Think of horizontal, cylindrical shaped mullions caging the window or multiple square shaped large glass panels that ooze aesthetic. There is no dearth of innovative window designs. Windows are quite important and that’s why it makes sense to choose a window that is refreshing to look at.
Windows have undergone gothic embellishments, Victorian Era legacy to modern minimalist designs given how we have advanced in terms of regarding design and architecture. However, their purpose of brightening and enhancing the interiors has remained constant.

Here are ten points to mull over while choosing window designs:

  1. What purpose will your windows serve?

Always question what purpose your windows will serve in any given room. You can have sliding doors to access the garden, or if you reside in skyscrapers then opt for the ones that allow enough sunlight through their surfaces without the need to open them. Glass panes.

  1. Aesthetic appeal: The design of your windows will depend to a large extent on the architecture of the house and the colour palette used. Mullions and frames that lend a furbish to your home will look better.
  2. Windows that complement your interiors: The windows should look nice from inside as well, right? The interior view must be kept in mind while choosing window frames. Windows in bathrooms should not provide direct viewing angles from outside and the bedroom windows should have mullions on the exterior rather than inside.
  3. Windows should be a part of your home’s architectural style: Choosing windows that feel cohesive with your home’s architecture is a no brainer. Whether you have a palatial setting with traditional buxom windows or a more minimalist ecological layout with reflecting glass panes, adhere to your home’s architectural style.
  4. Ventilation: Are your windows easy to open? Do they open on the outside or can be slid up or down? All these are necessary questions when a fire has started and you have no other choice but to leave your cherished naiveté. Jokes aside, ventilation is literally the purpose of windows and window designs should facilitate that.
  5. The Sun’s orientation: Apart from the architectural style of your home, the sun should also be used as a reference for your windows in order to allow maximum sunlight. Window design can only take you so far. The magic happens when the right window design meets excellent placement.
  6. Colours: The general rule of thumb is to use a complimentary shade for your window frames. White is the most preferred option along with lighter shades as that prevents any camouflaging of windows.
  7. Showcasing a View Outside: This is the tip that supplements the interior view. Large fixed windows, bay or bow ones and projection windows give a more in depth look into the surrounding area.
  8. Windows that Compliment the Exterior Door’s Style: It’s necessary that doors and windows share a harmonious architectural design. When deliberating over window design, it’s important to consider if it matches your front door’s colour, finish, and overall style.
  9. Security: Design and aesthetic and appeal one side, security is paramount. Windows should be designed with features that not only boost its attractiveness but are also safe to operate and offer protection from external surroundings.
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