Why colored aluminum windows and doors are catching on?

Would you watch a black and white film in the Netflix Era? No, right? I thought so.

Why colored aluminum windows and doors are catching on?

Colors are the essence of life and of evergreen beauty around us. In fact, the word ‘evergreen’ too has the name of a color in it.
When it comes to our biggest emotional and monetary investment- a home, everything needs to be considered and planned out to get an abode you cherish. While architecture, innovative design, lush interiors and IKEA-esque furniture is taken care of, we often forget the doors and windows that connect us to the outside world. These are the elements that stand out and make a home welcoming. Now, apart from gothic styles and matte finishing, colors too occupy important space inside the planner’s mind. Windows are no more exclusively white or black and the doors darky woody brown nor are they only made of wood. Aluminum is gathering mass awareness.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is a wonder metal. It is light, smooth, durable, 100% recyclable, sturdy and offers tons of customization options. Pairing colored doors with aluminum seems the most obvious choice and it is one of those dream teams that form along arbitrarily. It makes for the most attractive, safest and visually appealing material for doors.


  • No discoloring or fading: Aluminum requires minimal maintenance as it is highly resistant to discoloration, fade, cracks and scrapes. The colored doors and windows do not lose their glossy and vibrant look for years together. Additionally, they can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions like heavy rainfall, blizzards and scorching heat making them an option for all topographies, especially in a geographically diverse country like India.
  • Energy Efficient: Aluminum doors and windows help cutting electricity bills up to 30% and are known for thermal insulation properties. They can moderate indoor temperatures to match the external environment thereby eliminating the need of an Air Conditioner. It will not be wrong to say that, they do help in reducing the carbon footprint and are a much better option for sustainable living.
  • Soundproof at no extra cost: Arising from its insulation properties is its quality to keep sound at bay and induce effective noise reduction. No need to save money for those exorbitantly expensive BOSE headphones, invest a bit more and soundproof your entire house. This has many carry over benefits such as better sleep, calm environment, better communication and happy leisure time.
  • Customization Galore: Aluminum frames offer immense flexibility in terms of design, texture and finish for doors and windows. Such wide array of options cannot be found using traditional metals.

The modern age has witnessed large scale merger of functionality with aesthetic appeal and colored aluminum doors and windows are another avenue which boast huge demand.

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